Save with your bonus

Product Design
Rapid Prototype
July-August 2019

The average discount per bonus card per year at Albert Heijn is 212 EUR. Katsjing! aims to empower a world of habitual savers in a playful and nudging way, by converting aspiring savers, democratising investments and potentially addressing the ‘savings gap’ of Dutch people. 

Katsjing! allows you to personalize your bonus card at the Albert Heijn, and connect it to a financial goal: Savings goal (new bike, phone), Save for someone else, or a financial investment.


The first solution was tested for desirability via a poster concept. After this first ideation sprint, I came into the picture as a product designer for a second-round ideation, and to design, validate the app.

How might we make shoppers put money aside in order to become financially healthier every time they visit the Albert Heijn?


For this project, I joined after the initial concept of the service was defined. My goal was to create the app: initialise the main flow, features, validate the prototypes and create a roadmap for an MVP.

My goal for the app was to explain the conversion of bonus into savings, create a smooth onboarding that encourages more bonus card personalisation, and gauge our three target groups' interest in financial products. 

Project Goal

There were three main stakeholders. The customers, Albert Heijn and Aegon - who were providing the financial solution. My goals were to design an app that meets the business goals of our stakeholders, validate if the solution was desirable with shoppers, and understand feasibility of the financial features.


After doing an initial round of customer discovery interviews, my findings were synthesised into three main target groups: Young people with higher income and no kids, young families with kids and baby boomers. There were clear differences in behavior and mindset regarding bonus card personalisation, overall interest, and motivation for financial goals.

First Prototype

The first prototype mostly focused on validating hypotheses around the savings goal, the basic concepts around bonus card personalization, and an overview of how the investments section worked. We wanted to test desirability for all these concepts.

Second Prototype

We had validated some hypotheses in the first prototype around desirability, so the second prototype paved the way for further hypotheses and usability testing. In this prototype, I enhanced some of the features around investments and savings goals. The prototype was also 'powered by Knab' in this instance, as we wanted to see if respondents trusted this brand with their data.


The problem-solution fit was confirmed. There was a positive correlation between customers’ interest in the proposition and positive feedback about the prototype (except for Baby Boomers).

Overall, early adopters showed a clear savings need and desire. This group of early adopters were interested to use their AH discounts for bonus. Katsjing can fulfill the customers’ need for seamless savings without noticing it.

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