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Product Design
Nov 2019

How might we enable young millennials to eat healthy? Create 3 new healthy snack food brands in 36 hours. I was the lead designer in an ideation and design sprint for Unilever. My role was to concept and design 3 healthy snack food concepts.

Business goal

The goal was to target new, untapped consumer markets with healthier food products, and innovate Unilever's food product lines with healthy snacks.

Step 1

Lean Canvas

Our challenge was to extend Unilever's food product lines with more sustainable food products, without sacrificing good taste. We approached the topic by doing our desk research, conducting expert interviews and drafed a lean canvas. This served as the first basis for the first round of interviews to refine the solution.

Step 2

Persona Building

Three personas were generated from the first customer interviews. These were 'The Punks' or hipsters/trend hoppers, functional types focused on completing tasks using more sustainable methodologies, and mindful warriors or yogis focused on mental health and wellbeing.

Solution design

We built wireframes to align and decide on a system for the design. Following this, for each brand identity I created a logo, mini style guide, product packaging, mockups, landing page prototypes, social posts and poster advertisements. There was an additional brand 'Snacktivism' which was created for a second round validation.

Junk 4 Punks

This was the most popular concept - Junk 4 Punks is targeted towards Gen Z and Y consumers. My goal as a designer was to validate whether the brand connected with the consumer, all the while aligning with the core tenants of the business goal.


This is the 'Swedish' brand - for the functional, flavour food types. It focuses on consumers who aim to get more tasks done during the day, while also being socially conscious on sustainability. Basically, I just imagined my best friend from Stockholm eating this stuff...

Yogi Snacks

These snacks are focused on mental health, wellness and well being. It's destined to be for women who are all about Yoga, downward dogs, morning routines, meditation and making good (or bad) choices when eating foods.


This concept was a run-off of Junk 4 Punks and tested at the very end of validation, to confirm a few more hypotheses. We wanted to validate more concepts around activism with food products.

When designing for sprints you need to have high creative confidence. You need to know various ways to 'activate ideas' in your mind and create emotional triggers, so you can 'feel' the concept. This gives a designer more pathways to completing the work quickly. I was listening to Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' when I made this. Having the preliminary logic and research defined in our human-centered design process before-hand, allowed my intuition to guide my creativity.


Consumers in our studies were found to find the Junk 4 Punks and Snacktivism propositions highly favorable. The study itself was the platform for a new wave of food products set to be implemented in 2021 and beyond.

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