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Oct - Nov 2020

Madesalon is an Amsterdam-based skincare salon providing high quality skincare treatments and products. It is differentiated by its holistic approach to skin problems and anti-aging in an open, yet professional setting.

Project Approach

The website was designed in Figma, built in Webflow with modified attributes, converted with a plugin, and then imported as a theme into Shopify. This flexibility in the tech stack allowed me to combine Webflow’s powerful front-end capabilities with Shopify’s back-end eCommerce features.

Step 1

Competitor Analysis

The competitive space is composed of a large network of small players living off the foundations of no-code eCommerce. Additionally, the majority of businesses in skincare use themes with templated front-end experiences provided by sites like Squarespace, Shopify, Wordpress.

Many brands contain a weak identity, lack of flexibility in design & UX, messy taxonomy, and lack smart animations.

Step 2

Business goal

The overall goal of the website is to increase first-time intakes for treatments, as well as increase online sales for users aware of their skin conditions - who are interested in products for a variety of use-cases.

Step 3

User Research

To understand the customer experience of Madesalon, surveys were used to get quick insights into specific user interests. The findings from this and previous research were synthesised into two user groups: 'Treatment Seekers' and 'Buyers'.

Step 4


I started not with "pixels", but with a Customer Journey Map to represent the goals and the main actions for two personas— Treatment Seeker and Buyer. This exercise helped me shape the user experience and overall look and feel of elements.

Solution design

Definition of the project was then followed up with 5 days of solution designing, creating 3 iterations of the website design: landing on a finalised brand style and updated component design system for all needed elements.


The website just launched, so we are currently still obtaining the first results 🤟🏻

Browse Madesalon here

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